What to expect on Sunday Morning

St Joseph's South West Margaree Sunday – 9:30 am
St Patrick's North East Margaree Saturday – 6:00 pm
St Michael's East Margaree Sunday – 11:00 am


As we gather together as a community, we experience God’s grace. We hear that grace through the words of Sacred Scripture, and as the stories of the Bible are interpreted in light of current events and applied to daily living. We taste grace in the bread and wine of Holy Communion. We touch grace in the gestures of welcome from the people gathered together.

Our worship service is liturgical, which means it follows an established pattern. Don't worry if you don't know all of the prayers or responses – you'll catch on quickly because they'll be the same (or similar) every week! There are also Mass books and other tools that can help you learn all the responses. Hymn singing is accompanied by various instruments, and everyone is encouraged to join in the hymns. It has been said that singing is like praying twice!

Mass usually lasts just over an hour. The first part of the Mass is the Liturgy of the Word. We sit to listen to God's Word proclaimed from Scripture, but we stand for the final reading, which will be from one of the Gospels, our most sacred books. We sit for the homily and then stand for the Creed and the Prayers of the Faithful. That takes us to the second part of the Mass, the Liturgy of the eucharist. We sit again for the presentation of the gifts and then stand for most of the Eucharistic Prayer, kneeling as we hear about Jesus' great gift to us in the bread and wine that become his body and blood.

Children have a central place in our worship. Children of all ages are encouraged to take part in the service. We have a special celebration of the Liturgy of the Word for children, where young people from age four up to about age ten or twelve are taken to another room for a children's version of the Bible readings and some discussion.

We have Communion every Sunday. Those who have been baptized and have prepared for and celebrated their First Communion are invited to the Table of the Lord. Those who are not yet able to take part are welcome to come forward for a blessing, if they wish. Approaching the communion minister with your arms crossed will signify that you have come for a blessing.

When we gather together to celebrate the Mass, we know that we are the family of God. We are always happy to welcome you into our family of faith!