Vision: religious education for all levels in an intergenerational setting        

  • Purpose: to provide opportunities for catechesis for all in our parish communities; family faith formation with activities for children and youth and Lectio Divina for adults.

List of Tasks for the Ministry for the Year:

  • Oct. 5 – Religious Education ice cream kick off
  • Oct. 8-Dec.18 – Children’s Liturgy of the Word at each parish (Focus on Penance)
  • Oct 12-Dec 7 – Family Faith Formation on a rotational basis at each parish every Wednesday
  • Oct. 26 – Pumpkin Prayer Service with carving of pumpkins with families
  • Nov. 23 – Making Advent wreaths for families
  • Dec 7 – Spaghetti Dinner (Final Family Gathering for the year –St. Patrick`s)
  • – First Penance Celebration (St. Patrick’s Church, North East Margaree)
  • Dec 21 –Parish Penance Celebration (St. Joseph’s Church)
  • Jan 7 – Children’s Liturgy of the Word begins again (Focus on Eucharist)
  • Feb 1 – Family Faith Formation resumes on rotating schedule
  • Feb 21 – Shrove Tuesday (St. Michael’s for lunch and St. Patrick’s for supper
  • -Burning of last year’s palms after 6:30pm mass
  • Feb 22- Ash Wednesday Mass (St. Michael’s Church)
  • Mar 28 – Lenten Penance Celebration (St. Michael’s Church, Margaree)
  • Apr 8 – Easter Sunday Mass
  • Apr 25 – Spaghetti Dinner (Final Faith Formation Wednesday – St. Patrick`s)
  • May 11 – Confirmation at St. Joseph`s Church, Southwest Margaree
  • May 27 – Final Children`s Liturgy of the Word (Pentecost Sunday)
  • June 9-10 – First Holy Communion in each Parish – The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)

Volunteers who serve this Ministry

Cecile Miller (Chair)

Sandy LeFloch (Vice-Chair)

Denise Murphy (Secretary)

Angele Ross

Melissa Ross

Audrey LeBlanc