Vision: Be good stewards of the gifts and resources entrusted to our parish community.

Purpose: A team of volunteers from each parish who come together to create an accountable and transparent system of financial undertakings, that is based on a consensus model of decision making.  Those serving in this ministry are encouraged to have a background in finances and they are requested to make a commitment to four meetings per year.  Annual reports are given at the parish annual meeting and volunteers field questions with the pastor.

St. Joseph’s:

  • Joan Mac Lellan (bookkeeper): Telephone:  (902) 248-2709
  • Marie MacNeil
  • Michael Gillis

Signing Authority: Joan MacLellan, Marie MacNeil and the Pastor

St. Michael’s:

  • Paula Cormier (bookkeeper): Telephone: (902) 235-2095
  • Hubert Chiasson
  • Aureaa Gillis

Signing authority: Simon LeBlanc, Pauline Berry and the Pastor

St. Patrick’s:

  • Cecile Miller (Bookkeeper): Telephone: (902) 248-2305
  • Cindy McBride
  • Stella McDaniel

If you would like more information about this Ministry; or, would like to volunteer services – please contact us using the following link: contact us