To work hand in hand with our Parish and Community volunteering and helping in any way to make this community a community of togetherness.

  • Purpose:

To provide a safe and friendly environment where teenagers can get together to discuss matters that are important to them and to offer our parish and community any assistance and volunteer work it may require.

  • List of Task for the Ministry for the Year

Sending food to shut In when there is a need

Aiding the Catechesis Ministry when needed (Family Faith Formation, pumpkin carving,suppers, etc)

Painting Gazebo, little bridge and little shed for the Parish at our Cost

Being a part of the Remembrance Day Service

Christmas party, Carolling with the Seniors and others in the community

Hosting a Stations of the Cross one Tuesday of Lent

Rock-a-thon Fundraiser for a needy cause

Flea Market and Bake Sale Fundraiser

Helping other Parish Groups in their Fundraising efforts (ex: Servers for KOC breakfasts, Servers for Parish Salmon Supper, etc)

Putting on teenage dances

Putting on Family dances

Playing Cards with the seniors


  • Volunteers who serve this Ministry

Audrey LeBlanc, Leader, (902) 235-2744


If you would like more information about this Ministry; or, would like to volunteer services – please contact us using the following link: contact us