Parish Pastoral Council

The first Pastoral Council with joint membership was started in 2004 with four members from each of the three parishes.

To deal with the spiritual and temporal needs of the three parishes; to assist the pastor, to coordinate activities within the three parishes.   Later on, youth joined the council, and there were five members from each parish.

The Council today has five members from each parish:

St. Joseph's     – Norman Gillis, Lawrence MacLellan, Mary MacNeil, Cathy Miller and youth Allison MacNeil;

St. Michael's    – Lawrence Cameron, Sandy Doucette, Audrey LeBllanc, Morley MacNeil, and youth Jesse LeBlanc;

St. Patrick’s     – Secretary Shaun Bennett, Mose Fortune, Tom Godreau, Chair Jim Murphy, and youth Annika Phillips.

Pastoral Council meets the second Tuesday of every month eight times a year.

In the past year, a mission was planned, and Fr. Norman MacPhee came for a weekend and three nights to preach a mission for the three parishes. The sessions were held at St. Michael’s with a closing tea at St. Michael’s Hall.

A first for the Pastoral Council this year was a celebration for the graduates of Cape Breton Highlands Academy in June. Each graduate of the school was given a written invitation to attend with two others (parents, guardians). The other churches were invited to come and honour their graduates, too. The celebration began with Mass in St. Michael’s Church. This was followed by a banquet in St. Michael’s Hall. Our parishes gave each graduate a certificate, a book with a meditation for each day and a bookmark. Five of our graduates received another certificate and $200 for outstanding involvement in parish and community. Others received a certificate if they were involved at all; for example, faithfully attending Mass on the weekend. The clergy from two of the other churches acknowledged their graduates at the banquet. The third church did not have a minister at the time, so they gave gifts to their graduates at another time. It was a very successful event and will likely be repeated in the future.

The Annual Meeting for the three parishes was held in February.

Election of new members: Each year, three weeks prior to the annual meeting, a notice is placed in the bulletin asking parishioners to think of nominees for the vacant positions. Each person who plans to nominate someone is asked to check with that person to see if he or she is willing to let his or her name stand for election. The following Sunday, nomination forms marked with the positions that are open for each parish (number of adults, number of youth) are made available, and parishioners submit names of candidates for election. The next Sunday, the election takes place with parishioners from each parish voting for people from their parish. New members begin their term at the annual meeting.

A closing dinner for religious education teachers and youth leaders and their spouses was held in May.

Major renovations were ongoing at the glebe, and all three parishes contributed to the cost of materials. Most of the work was done by volunteers.

We organized a farewell for our outgoing pastor Fr. Vincent van Zutphen.

If you would like more information about this Ministry; or, would like to volunteer services – please contact us using the following link: contact us