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contact their local representative on our Pastoral Care team to let us know. Otherwise, with medical confidentiality protocols, we may not be aware. The same confidentiality is now extended in our Prayers of the Faithful at mass. We do not have the right to share personal health information with the congregation at large. However we can pray in general for those with cancer, stroke conditions etc. Today not everyone wants their personal medical set-backs made public, thus our intentions at mass should honour this new reality. The following are our Hospital Pastoral Care contacts: The following are our Hospital Pastoral Care contacts: South West Margaree please call Marie MacNeil 248-2881; East Margaree call Anne Marie LeBlanc 235-2347; North East Margaree call Lorraine Fraser 248-2305, and for all communities, please contact Fr. Barrett Clare-Johnson (902) 304-2140 or 235-2435 or email