Vision: The Bereavement and Pastoral Care Committee seeks to be a presence to the suffering/grieving family when there is serious illness or a death in our parish communities.

Purpose: The Bereavement/Pastoral Care Committee provides the following services: offers condolences to the family on behalf of the pastor and the parishioners; a visit to a grieving family the day after a death; help with planning the funeral liturgy; answers to questions and availability for any help that is required.

Pastoral Care has been added to this committee.

The members of the committee for St. Joseph's are Helen Gillis and Marie MacNeil.

The members of the committee for St. Michael;s are Anne Marie LeBlanc, Christine Avery (secretary), and Odette LeBlanc.

The members of the committee for St. Patrick's are Lorraine Fraser (chair), Ann Earle, and Mose Fortune (parish pastoral council liaison).

Meetings: The committee meets four times a year, the first Tuesday of every second month in Mary’s Room at the glebe in Margaree.


The day after someone dies, two of the members of the committee in the parish where there is a death will go to visit the family.  They will offer words of condolence, and offer a brochure with all the details to be attended to – readers, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, altars servers, suggestions for music, etc.  The family will meet with the Pastor to discuss the readings and talk about the deceased, and also;

Be available if the family has any other questions, or requests before the funeral;
Attend either the vigil or a prayer service at the visitation.  Lead the vigil or prayer service if the pastor is absent;
Send a card to the family on the first anniversary of the death of a loved one:
Prepare vigil and prayer services to be used in the absence of the pastor;
Prepare a brochure to be used when visiting the grieving family; and
Prepare a list of appropriate music for funeral liturgies;

Binders were prepared with vigil prayer services; and it was decided that the vigil would incorporate prayers by CWL, Knights of Columbus, firemen, etc., so there would be one prayer service instead of many.  A co-ordinator for each parish was chosen.
All members of the committee received a copy of the books
Sacred Scripture Selections for a Funeral Liturgy and Related Rites from the Order of Christian Funerals; and
Families have expressed their sincere appreciation of the work of the committee during their bereavement.

If you would like more information about this Ministry; or, would like to volunteer services – please contact us using the following link: contact us