Vision: to provide a place that reflects Catholic faith, builds up the Spirit of God in people and supports the children and youth

Purpose: to maintain clean, efficient and functional parish halls where our vision can be put into effect



List of tasks for the ministry for the year:

  • meetings,
  • Family Faith sessions on Wednesday evenings,
  • alternating in the three halls;
  • pot lucks,
  • pancake lunch and supper (Shrove Tuesday),
  • concerts,
  • wedding dinners and dances,
  • bake sales,
  • craft shows,
  • funeral visitations and receptions,
  • walking in the winter,
  • dances,
  • dinners,
  • flea markets,
  • barbecues,
  • fall fairs,
  • fun days for families,
  • crib games

Volunteers who serve this ministry:

Lawrence MacLellan (chair, St. Joseph’s Hall Committee) 248-2180

Cathy Miller (sec’y. – treas. of St. Joseph’s Hall Committee) 248-2498

Audrey LeBlanc (chair of St. Michael’s Hall Committee) 2365-2744

Josephine LeFort (sec’y.- treas. St. Michael’s Hall committee) 235-2843

Kempton Poirier (janitor and booker of St. Michael’s Hall) 235-2937

Jim Murphy (chair of St. Patrick’s Hall Committee) 248-2221

Cecile Miller (bookkeeper for St. Patrick’s Parish Hall) 248-2305

Schedule of Meetings: 2-3 meetings per year (one in the fall, one in the spring and one when necessary)

If you would kike more information about this Ministry; or, would like to volunteer services – please contact us using the following link: contact us


Looking to book a hall?

Call: Lawrence MacLellan (St. Joseph’s) – 248-2180; Kempton Poirier (St. Michael’s) – 235-2937 or Jim Murphy – (St. Patrick’s) – 248-222