Vision: Liturgy is the public prayer of the Church, and it includes the sacraments. The Liturgy Committee is composed of members from the three parishes who work together to provide meaningful liturgies which express and support the faith of the local community.

Purpose: The purpose is to help the community pray through enhancing and improving liturgical celebrations, to involve many parishioners in the various ministries, to educate them on their roles and to work with Fr. Doug to develop our vision.

The members of the liturgy committee are: Co-chairs: Lawrence Cameron, director of St. Michael’s senior choir and Cecile Miller, St. Patrick’s; secretary, Hilda Phillips, St. Patrick’s; Louis Arsenault, director of St. Michael’s folk choir; Yvon LeBlanc, director of St. Patrick’s choir; Dora Carrignan, Josephine LeFort and Wilma Pasher, St. Michael’s; Janette Gillis and Rosita Gillis, St. Joseph’s.

The committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month, six times a year.


St. Joseph’s – Kay MacLeod, Laurie Veliath;

St. Michael’s – Marg Burton, Anne Marie LeBlanc, Lorraine LeBlanc, Josephine LeFort, Mary Hilda MacIsaac;

St. Patrick’s – Cecile Miller (subs – Bell Murphy, Jessie Murphy).

Lectors (Readers):

St. Joseph’s – Joan Cameron, Joyce Gillis, Norman Gillis, Jeanette Mackinnon, Willlena Murphy, Laurie Veliath;

St. Michael’s – Dora Carrignan, Emilia Hall, Cyril LeBlanc, Hilary LeBlanc, Yvon LeBlanc, Mary Hilda MacIsaac, Dorothy MacKenzie, John Poupore;

St. Patrick’s – Shaun Bennett, Wilfridine Crowdis, Lorraine Fraser, Cecile Miller, Bell Murphy, Angela Timmons, Carmel Timmons, Barbara Wyrwas.

Extraordinary ministers of communion:

St. Joseph’s – Bill Cameron, Joan Cameron, Janette Gillis, Karen Gillis, Rosita Gillis, Joan MacLellan, Lawrence MacLellan, Marie MacNeil, Cathy Miller;

St. Michael’s – Marg Burton, Hubert Chiasson, Archie Chisholm, Therese Doucet, Art Hall, Eugene Le Blanc, Lorraine LeBlanc, Mary Hilda MacIsaac, Mary MacKinnon, Claudia MacNeil, Wilma Pasher;

St. Patrick`s – Shaun Bennett, Mary L. Burton, Patricia Cormier, Mose Fortune, Cecile Miler, Jack Miller, Marguerite Miller, Allen Ross, Angela Timmons

Altar servers:

St. Joseph`s – Janette Gillis, Norman Gillis, Marie MacNeil;

St. Michael`s – Seph Clarke, Noah Doucette, Daniel LeBlanc, Daphne LeBlanc, Jesse LeBlanc, Emma MacKinnon, Jessie MacKinnon, Lynn MacKinnon, Malcolm MacKinnon, Nolan MacKinnon, Robert MacKinnon, Adam MacNeil;

St. Patrick`s – Laura Cormier, Mauree Crowdis, Dereck Fortune, William Fraser, Olivia Hart, Gemma Murphy.


St. Michael`s – Pauline Berry & Edna Brin, Adam Clarke & family, Bertha Doucet & Marg Burton, Mary Fleck & Rebecca MacDonald, Lorraine LeBlanc & Marg Burton, Pat & Cyril LeBlanc, Mary & Anna Matheson, Morley MacNeil & family, Jim & Wilma Pasher, Tommy, Lyse Anna & family, John Archie & Dorothy Mackenzie, Calist & Wilfredine Tompkins, Claudia MacNeil & Wilfred Burns, Daley family, Brendan MacKinnon & family, John Gillis & family, Jeanette & Rose Cameron, Mary LeBlanc & Judy LeBlanc, Lorraine LeBlanc & Mary Chiasson; St. Burton

St. Patrick’s: Brroks hart, Ethna Gilis & family; Jack & Marguerite Miller, Mark, Angela & Luke Stepaniak, Gerard & Shirley Miller, Mary & Hugh Murphy, Patrick, Cynthia Murphy & family; Carmel & Davy Timmons, Helen Timmons, Jim & Raylene Murphy, Albert, Angele Ross & family; Shelia Fortune, Bell Murphy, Jackie MacLellan, Blair & Stella McDaniel, Mary L. Burton


St. Michael`s – Gerard Miller, Marg Burton, Lorraine LeBlanc, Eugene LeBlanc, Anthony Gallant, Archie Chisholm, Harold Maclean, Simon M. LeBlanc;

St. Patrick`s – Allen Ross, Tommy Murphy, James Jeffers

St. Michael’s Senior Choir – director Lawrence Cameron, Anne Marie LeBlanc, Mary LeBlanc, Colette MacDonnell, Jeannine Marple, Mary Hilda MacIsaac, Emilia Hall, Francie McDaniel, Denise LeBlanc, Josephine LeFort;

St. Michael’s Folk Choir – director Louis Arsenault, Hubert & Helena Chiasson, Albert & Alice LeBlanc, Harold & Lisa MacLean, Simon P. LeFort, Simon M. LeBlanc, Audrey LeBlanc, Sharon LeBlanc, Dorothy MacKenzie, Darlene Arsenault, Jaunita LeBlanc, Wanda LeFort;

St. Patrick’s – director Yvon LeBlanc, Shaun Bennett, Mary L. Burton, Bernie Crane, Sheila Fortune, Ann Earle, Cecile Miller

St. Joseph’s – Sandra Gillis, organist; Karen Gillis, Joan Cameron, Bill Cameron, Rosita Gillis, Kay MacLeod, Jeanette MacKinnon, Rose MacLellan, Alison Gillis, Connie Barlow

Tasks: initiated greeters, Good Friday Stations of the Cross for young people, albs purchased for the older altar servers, planned the music for a mission with Fr. Norman MacPhee; A layperson was asked to do the intentions for each Sunday. Three forms of greetings were distributed to the Churches for the greeting before Mass. An offer was made to instruct people who wanted to become lectors. A youth choir was formed and youth Masses were held at St. Michael’s. A penance celebration was held during Advent. Laypeople presided at Liturgy of the Word celebrations during the week in the absence of the pastor. An explanation of the service and what would happen at such a service were printed in the bulletin. A layperson presided at Sunday celebration of the Word with communion in the absence of the pastor. A Christmas party was held for all members of joint committees of the three parishes at St. Patrick’s Hall. The Christmas schedule was drawn up. Mass was celebrated in the Margaree Manor. A joint choir for funerals was discussed and it was looked into with notices in the bulletin. A pageant was done by the children at St. Michael’s and St. Joseph’s before the Christmas Mass. There was discussion re celebrating Mass in private homes once in a while during the winter. It was decided that all those involved in ministry gather before Mass for a short prayer. This was started in all parishes, and it continues in St. Joseph’s Parish. The NET hosted a youth retreat at St. Patrick’s. A celebration for graduates of Cape Breton Highlands Academy was planned beginning with Mass at St. Michael’s. All grads were personally invited. Much time was devoted to changes in the Roman Missal. Mass times changed when the time changed in November. One member volunteered to lead an ecumenical service at the Inverness Hospital.


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