Any announcements for the bulletin should be in by Wednesday evening either by phone 248-2305 or by Email to:  Bulletins

Parish Bulletins are readily available in three formats:

  1. The Bulletin is available for you at each Mass on Saturday Evening and Sunday Morning
  2. The Bulletin may be downloaded from this site – see the Bulletins and Documents block on the right side of each page
  3. The Bulletin may be delivered directly to your Email account each Friday/Saturday.  Use the EBulletin subscription form on the bottom of the page, providing just your Name and Email Address.  You will receive your Bulletin Electronically via EMail from that point onwards, until you Unsubscribe from the service.

Parish Bulletins and other documents downloaded from our website or delivered to you via our EBulletin Service are in PDF format.  You need the free Adobe PDF reader to open and read these documents.

If you do not cuirrently have the Adobe PDF reader on your system, you may download it by using the following link:  Free Adobe Reader

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