Parish Office Hours

Thursday: 10:30 am to 4 pm

1181 East Margaree Road  –  Office Door Entrance (side door)

Phone: 235-2435

Dear Parishioners,

We are opening the parish office for official public office hours on Thursday.  These will be the day to come to the office for all parish business such as: appointments with the pastor, financial dealings, marriage and baptismal preparation, committee photocopying, bulletin printing, general information, baptismal certificates, mass cards etc.  Parish volunteers will also be present to assist in meeting the needs of our people from St. Joseph’s, St. Michael’s/St-Michel and St. Patrick’s.  While everything will now be done on Wednesay,Thursday or Friday, there are some realities that cannot be anticipated.  If a death of a parishioner occurs, the pastor and bereavement team will personally visit the home of the grieving family to attend to all matters.

Parish committees will continue to meet in public spaces (Mary’s room, halls etc.) at other scheduled times as normal.  Faith formation/religious education and youth activities will also happen at other times and places, but always in the presence of at least two screened adults.  The pastor will only attend activities when another adult is present.  When access to the office is needed for preparation and photocopying for these activities, then it will require some advance planning, as it is to occur during appointed office hours.  Since all parish interactions will now be done during public office hours, this will mean the office and glebe house are not available on other days.  Indeed this will mean a period of adjustment for you, since you will now have to organize all parish business for this one day each week.  Access will actually be increased, for we did not have office hours before; and know that we, as your pastors, am always available by phone on other days.

Why can’t we just show up at the door anytime like before?  The diocese is adding vulnerable adults to the guidelines with minors.   This arrangement creates a safe boundary for all involved.  In previous generations, priests’ residences were built with the office attached, but as we all know, much has transpired in the Church and in the world since those days.  Just as you may experience a period of adjustment with these changes, we too, have to make similar adjustments.   These new boundaries create a reasonable distinction between public and private space, and you may find that ministry will actually be improved.  Healthy boundaries will keep ministry healthy for us all.

In conclusion, please know that we deeply care for you, and while these measures are a part of the age we now live in, they will not impede my love and care for all of you.  We will continue to serve the needs of everyone to the best of our abilities with the help of God’s grace.

Peace be with you,

Fr. Joby Augustin,

Fr. Silvichen Dominic,

Fr. Daniel Tshimbalanga

Phone: 235-2435



If there is an emergency in your parish, and you cannot reach one of the three priests, please call:
St. Joseph’s –  Rosita Gillis  248-2612;
St. Michael’s – Anne Marie LeBlanc – 235-2347;
St. Patrick’s – Cecile Miller – 248-2305,
and he/she will get in touch with whomever is needed