Fr. MacDonald Ibeh

Pastor, Margaree Family of Catholic Churches

Dear People of God,

“Nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”    Romans 8:39

Each one of us was loved into existence.  We are no accident; we have a purpose, for we are God’s beloved children.  We are not randomly floating through existence, rather God personally knows us, knows the number of hairs on our heads; we were created by God in our mother’s womb to become co-creators of love in this world.  Our lives have meaning, we are going somewhere, like arrows heading towards a goal and our final destiny is Heaven, union with our Triune God.

We have a destiny to spread love and praise God, who is love for all eternity.  Along our journey in this earthly pilgrimage of life, we will all stumble and fall from time to time; it is reassuring to know that God’s love will always remain.  For the wisdom of the cross seeks to transform those moments and bring new life from them.  Many in the world teach, love is dependent on performance and when we don’t live up to their standards, love is withdrawn.  God’s Word says, “Nothing can separate us from the love of God.”  We are loved because of who we are, not because of what we do or accomplish.

Just as parents will always love their children, yet not all their actions; God’s love for us is similar, God will always love us, yet not all we do.  This is how God can love the imprisoned as much as the saint.  God loves us so much, that no past action or event can erase the love God has in God’s heart for each of us.  The Church is called to be a visible sign of God’s love in the world and I have experienced this love from many holy women and men who have gone before me.  The church’s teachings are also a form of love, but sometimes they sting before they heal, yet all of them are offered in love, so we can experience the fullness of life now and in the next life.

Friends, regardless of where we are in life, always remember God’s love for us is inexhaustible.  I trust you will experience the hospitality of Christ when you visit any of our three faith communities in the Margaree Family of Catholic Churches.  The presence of God is so evident in the Margarees.  The beauty of this little part of Cape Breton is second only to the warmth and beauty of our people.  I trust you will experience a sense of your own beauty when you come to celebrate the gift of God’s love to humanity at any of our churches.

Peace be with you all,

Fr. MacDonald Ibeh