Sunday Liturgies

St Patrick's

North East Margaree

Sunday   –   9:30 am


St Joseph's

South West Margaree

Saturday –   4:00 pm

St Michael's East Margaree Sunday    – 11:00 am

Weekends when either the pastor from Cheticamp or Margaree is away, the other pastor will cover both communities with two masses in each region.  One mass time will remain the same in each region and one mass will be changed in each region for that weekend only. 

Winter Mass Arrangement Schedule

Saturday  =  4:00 pm  –  St. Joseph’s in St. Joseph du Moine  6 pm –  St. Joseph’s in South West Margaree                                                                                                        

Sunday  =  9 am – St. Michael’s, East Margaree and 10:30 am at St. Pierre in Cheticamp 

Daily Mass Times

Mon – no public mass

Tues – no public mass

Wed – mass 6:30 pm

Thurs – mass 10:00 am

Fri – Messe 10 am

Sacrament of Penance – Wed at 6:00 pm – at St Michaels.

When there is a funeral in one of our parish churches, then the regularly scheduled weekday mass is cancelled. Regardless of which of our three churches has a regularly scheduled weeday mass that day, that mass is now cancelled and we invite you to come to the church where the funeral is occurring to pray for the deceased and to show support for the grieving family.